A magnificent tour through the breathtaking landscapes of the Magic Mountains, with waterfalls, rivers, lagoons and sharing with the local population

Hike through the natural landscapes of the Freita, Arada, Montemuro and Arestal mountains. For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, these areas are little heavenly places, which appear in the most unlikely locations of this vast mountainous territory, full of rivers, streams and coves with refreshing, crystal-clear waters. We pass through rustic villages built in schist and granite, some of which still have extraordinary traditions.

Difficulty level: 3 / 5 (Moderate to Difficult)

Comfort level: 3 / 5 (Charming Hotel)

Suggested itinerary

(fully customisable in length, experiences, accommodation, …)

Points of passage and interest: Camping site of the Merujal (start), Frecha da Mizarela, Marmitas de Gigante do Caima, Village of Cabaços, Village of Castanheira, Pedras Parideiras, Radar Meteorológico, Village of Lomba, Waterfall of Porqueiras, Ruins of the Berlengas, Village of Paraduça, Casa da Broa de Paraduça (arrival).


Frecha da Mizarela

The Frecha da Mizarela waterfall is a waterfall located in the heart of the granite rock of the Serra da Freita plateau, at an altitude of about 910 metres. It is flowing with the waters of the Caima River and is 75 metres high, making it one of the highest waterfalls in Portugal.


Marmitas de Gigante do Caima

The Caima River giant marmits are cavities in the rocks and are located on the banks and bed of this river, upstream from the waterfall. Their diameters and depths are varied and these marmits are isolated or in groups.


Aldeia de Cabaços 

Rural village where the largest and most important quartz vein of this kind in the Serra da Freita can be found.


Aldeia da Castanheira

Village where it is possible to see one of the unique phenomena in Portugal and in the world: the Pedras Parideiras, also known as the nodular granite of the Castanheira. The Pedras Parideiras are a rare geological phenomenon, a kind of stone that bursts out of a mother rock, a nodular block of granite origin, of 1000 x 600 metres, hence the name Parideiras (fertile).


Aldeia da Lomba

A tiny village with small herds of goats and a set of granaries that are still used to store corn. 


Cascata das Porqueiras

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Serra da Freita, 15 metres high. 


Paraduça and Casa da Broa 

A small village in the municipality of Arões, located between the mountains of Arada and Arestal, is the destination of the guided tour “Por caminhos da Broa” (through the pathways of the Broa) in which the people of the village gather to grind corn and then knead and bake the dough in a community oven, as in the ancient times and according to local traditions.

Points of passage and interest: Casa da Broa de Paraduça (beginning), Cascata do Poço do linho, Moinhos de Paraduça, Levada da Ribeira de Paraduça, Aldeia de Cabrum, Aldeia da Felgueira, Praia Fluvial de Pontemieiro, Aldeia da Pontemieiro

We walk through the enchanting forests of the region, between the embedded valleys, within the impressive diversity of waterways. The contrast with the irregularity of the mountain range is of great beauty. 


Cascata do Poço do linho – Waterfall of Poço do linho (flax well) 

This waterfall is formed by successive waterfalls that occur on the Junqueira granite. According to the inhabitants of Paraduça, in the past, women used to come and wash their clothes in the well that is formed downstream of the waterfall, hence its name.


Moinhos de Paraduça – Mills of Paraduça

In 2004, five of the mills that served the village of Paraduça were restored. All of them are powered by the same water source, which starts in the Paraduça stream, in an agricultural area.


Levada da Ribeira de Paraduça

A beautiful walk along the water stream, with the gentle lapping of the waters and the chirping of birds.

Aldeia de Felgueira

A beautiful village full of life, tradition and agricultural activity developed in terraces. 


Village and fluvial beach of Pontemieiro

A nook in the Magic Mountains! A lovely, fully restored village with a community goat herd and artisanal cheese factory crossed by the Amarela (or Arões) river and a beautiful fluvial beach to refresh the body and mind!

Points of passage and interest: Aldeia da Pontemieiro (beginning), Aldeia de Arões, Dornas do Arões, Cascata do Arões, Açude do rio Arões, Cascata do Poço da Grade, Aldeia de Parada, Levada de Lourizela, Cascata da Agualva, Aldeia de Lourizela, Foz do rio Lordelo, Aldeia de Couto de Baixo (arrival)

During this hike, we will walk along beautiful rivers and wells of crystal clear water, with beautiful nooks and crannies and lush vegetation. We will pass through rustic and traditional villages with granite and schist houses. A peaceful immersion in nature and tradition!

Points of passage and interest: Aldeia de Couto de Baixo (beginning), Aldeia de Couto de Cima, Pelourinho de Couto de Cima, Aldeia da Cerqueira, Dólmen da Cerqueira, Aldeia de catives, Cascatas do rio Gresso / Passadiços do Gresso, Aldeia de Sanfins, Levada de Catives, Aldeia dos Amiais, Aldeia de Couto de Baixo (arrival).

A walk through landscapes of farmland, traditional and rustic trails, the Dolmen and Mamoas da Cerqueira which are megalithic monuments that bear witness to a thousand-year-old history, the granite and schist villages from other times, the waterfalls and streams of clear water, the luxuriant vegetation in refreshing forests during summer…

The village of Amiais has a unique charm, with its panoramic views from natural lookouts, its traditions with its threshing floor, which is the ancient social gathering centre of the farming communities linked to the corn shucking, the still well-preserved granaries. 

It includes

– Round-trip transfer to Porto Airport

– Round trip Transfer Marujal/Paraduça 

– Accommodation with locals, 3* hotel, charming hotels

– Breakfast

– Accompaniment by our partner (Portuguese/english speaking)

Does not include

– The plane ticket

– Pic-nic, diners, beverages (count between 25e to 35€/day)
– Travel / Medical / Repatriation insurance 

– Extras / tips / personal expenses 
– Cancellation / Interruption of the stay / Loss of luggage and assistance insurance.  

– Everything else that is not included

You can privatise this trip on the dates of your choice, just for you and your travel companions. For a private trip, the price depends on the number of participants, the choice of hotels, the desired date and the duration. In this case, we recommend that you contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss your wishes with you.

In high season, our guides and hotels may not be available. If you would like the guarantee of a guide and the hotels of your choice, we recommend that you advance your programme booking as soon as possible.

Points of interest:

A genuine journey of immersion in nature, tradition and exchange with the locals


Hikes and Trek


Local rural houses, 3*hotel, charming apartments


Breakfast in guest-houses, picnic lunches, dinners in restaurants


Transfer by car, round-trip to Porto Airport

The partner:

Bruno, our partner for adventure sports in the mountains, practising hiking,  trekking, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, abseiling, or water trekking…

Price for this tour:
800€ per person (based on a 4 persons group)
(customisable in length, experiences, accommodation, …)

– Accompaniment by our partner throughout the programme

– 5 nights and 6 full days

– Double room

– Accomodation in charming hotels and rural houses.

– Transport in car from 9 places

– Breakfasts included