An intense and captivating photographic tour in Serra do Gerês, Serra da Estrela, and the Douro Valley, with photographic points selected for their beauties, mysteries, and stories, away from the crowd and in direct contact with Nature and the Men and Women of the mountain villages.

During this tour, our professional photographer will take you to meet geological, historical and scenic sites that will take your breath away, with the guarantee of photographing what is most typical and unmissable in these little-travelled regions of Portugal. In the camera lens you will capture the most beautiful mountain images, with the crystal clear waters of the waterfalls, rivers and lagoons, with the dazzling vegetation of the forests, fields and glacial valleys, with imposing rock formations of granite and schist, with the most extraordinary and welcoming locals. You will immerse yourself in a mountain world of peace and tranquillity amidst rejuvenating landscapes at sunrise and sunset…

Difficulty level: 2 / 5 (Moderate to Difficult)

Comfort level: 3 / 5 (Charming Hotel)

Suggested itinerary

(fully customisable in length, experiences, accommodation, …)

Accommodation and dinner in Porto

Campo Gerês : also known for São João do Campo, it is an old shepherds village located west of Mata da Albergaria in the middle of the Peneda-Gerês National Park

Soajo: In the Peneda-Gerês National Park, the village of Soajo is really famous for its monumental centre of 24 granaries built over a gigantic granite slab. Walking through the historic centre of the village, over the granite slab flooring, testimonies of the mediaeval era and clicking on the camera until stones come to life, is a beautiful photo challenge!

Castro Laboreiro: An isolated historical village that kept many of its traditions, like a heritage, the Castro culture and the “viúvas dos vivos” (“widows of the living”) to describe these women who use a black Castro dresses until their migrant husbands come back. We can find comunitary ovens, granaries and mills, countless water streams, roman and mediaeval bridges (Ponte da Cava Velha, Ponte da Cainheiras, Ponte da Dorna and Ponte da Capela). For animal lovers, we can not forget the cattle keeper and best friend of families that gave his name to the village: the dog Castro Laboreiro.

Accommodation and Dinner in Castro Laboreiro

Pitões das Júnias: A village of Gerês surrounded by magnificent mountains with their wild cliffs, their impressive waterfall, their oak flower, and their enigmatic granite stones such as the Pedra do laço or Cara; a village filled with traditions, history, mysteries and legends; an isolated and enigmatic cistercian gift called the Mosteiro de Santa Maria das Júnias… An extraordinary trip in nature and in the memory of the past. 

Cabeceira de Bastos: The Terras de Basto region is located in a transition zone between the North Litoral and the centre of Trás-os-Montes. Its name would be related to “Basto”, a legendary warrior figure famous for his resistance against Moorish invasions. During the Middle-Age, Cabeceiras de Basto was a pilgrimage centre. In this area, the vineyards blend into the landscape of the mountains that make Terras de Basto even more stunning.

MTB ride on the ecovia (road reserved for pedestrians and bicycles) until Mondim de Basto (20 km): Along the Ecopista of Tâmega, we will go through forest landscapes, agricultural fields, bridges, stations and crossing points…

Accommodation and dinner in Mondim de Basto

The Natural Park of Alvão is located in the province of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro. The granite landscape is preponderant, with water streams coming from the Olo river, the Fisgas do Ermelo waterfall known as one of the biggest of Portugal with a 200 metres height, agricultural areas, maronese cattle, lime marshes or meadows with a high diversity, a forest wildlife typical for the north-centre region (highlighting here the presence of the Iberian wolf) a rare species, a population and a rural architecture.

Accommodation and Dinner in Pinhão

Along this trip we have entered two territories classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, the Alto Douro Vinhateiro and the Archaeological Park of Vale do Coa.

Wherever we are, we will always have a breathtaking view of the Douro Valley and its unique landscape in the world, with terraces full of vineyards, olive groves, almond trees, the steep and wild slopes, the beautiful waters of the Douro River, the farms producing wine, and the historic villages.

Vila Nova de Foz Côa: A village famous for its historical, archaeological and cultural heritage. In this area we go back millennia through a large amount of cave paintings, its castles, pillories, manor houses, bridges, Roman roads…

Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo: An authentic historic village, of great beauty, particularly in spring, with its large blanket of pure white blossoming almond trees.

Accommodation and Dinner in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo

Sortelha: On the way to Serra da Estrela, Sortelha is one of the most beautiful and preserved historic villages in Portugal, with a mediaeval urban and architectural physiognomy maintained over the centuries, with streets and alleys protected by a 13th century castle, granite houses, ancestral historical monuments.

Covão d’Ametade: We enter one of the most romantic and charming places in Serra da Estrela. It is a poorly drained depression, located in a glacial hollow downstream of Covão Cimeiro, located at the beginning of the Zêzere Glacial Valley.We are close to 1500m of altitude with a spectacular view due to the presence of numerous birch trees, and an ecosystem with great biodiversity.

Torre: Here we arrive at the highest point of Serra da Estrela and Portugal, with 1993 metres of altitude and the Tower of 7 metres… From this viewpoint, the panoramic view over the valleys and rocks, over the blue of the water courses is magnificent and this point is unavoidable!

Conselho de Manteigas: The municipality of Manteigas contains one of the most extensive forest areas in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, in which it is located. In this municipality we enter an extremely natural world, we can walk to lakes, rivers and streams, valleys, forests and fields, granite rocks, shale… Here the natural world is always present and the geological impressions left over thousands of years are impressive!

Whatever the time of year, the beauty of the landscapes is breathtaking. Capturing in the lens the extraordinary natural beauty of the Zêzere Valley, the Rota das Faias, the Poço do Inferno waterfall, the large granite blocks and pine forests of Penhas Douradas, the dam of the Rossim Valley is a challenge at all times.

In addition to the landscape, we cannot forget the importance of the weaving industry still produced with traditional methods (Burel Factory) that can be visited.

Folgosinho: Considered the birthplace of Viriato, a Lusitanian hero in the fight against the Romans, this mountain village has a special charm for its construction in white-pink quartz and for the unique view over nature and the horizon as far as the eye can see. Its castle, its fountains and its local culinary tradition make this place an ideal place to relax and taste!

Lunch in Folgosinho: Restaurant Albertino

Porto: At the end of the afternoon, self-guided tour in the city of Porto

Accommodation and Dinner in Porto

It includes

– 7 nights in a charming hotel in a double room with breakfast included
– Transportation during the whole trip, as well as a round Trip to Porto Airport
– Led by a professional photographer (Portuguese, English) during the whole tour

Does not include

– The plane ticket

– Lunches, picnics and dinners
– Travel / Medical / Repatriation insurance 

– Extras / tips / personal expenses 
– Cancellation / Interruption of the stay / Loss of luggage and assistance insurance.  

– Everything else that is not included

You can privatise this trip on the dates of your choice, just for you and your travel companions. For a private trip, the price depends on the number of participants, the choice of hotels, the desired date and the duration. In this case, we recommend that you contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss your wishes with you.

In high season, our guides and hotels may not be available. If you would like the guarantee of a guide and the hotels of your choice, we recommend that you advance your programme booking as soon as possible.

Points of interest:

ampo Gerês – Soajo – Castro Laboreiro – Pitões das Júnias – Cabeceira de Bastos – Mondim de Basto – Natural Park of Alvão – Fisgas de Ermelo – Lamas d’Olo – Barragem Cimeira de Alvão – Pinhão – Viewpoint of São Salvador do Mundo – Ferragosa – Vila Nova de Foz Côa – Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo – Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo – Sortelha – Covão d’Ametade – Torre – Manteigas – Poço do Inferno – Penhas Douradas – Viewpoint of Fragão do Corvo – Vale do Rossim – Folgosinho – Porto


Photography and small walks through nature and villages


Charming hotels and rural houses


Car from 9 places

The partner:

Bernardo, is a photographer from Aveiro, passionate about travel, photography, and people, who has great international experience. Being a tour leader, visiting several countries only with his backpack, photographing Portugal with him is highlighting life and making one with everything around.

Price for this tour:
2 450€ per person
(customisable in length, experiences, accommodation, …)

– Accompaniment throughout the programme by a photographer

– 7 nights and 6 full days

– Double room

– Accomodation in charming hotels and rural houses.

– Transport in car from 9 places

– Breakfasts included