Cultural heritage and traditions

Understanding the Portuguese culture is learning and experimenting with the amazing variety of traditions and craftsmanship that attempt to survive in this modern world, thanks to the passion and courage of the men and women determined to share their art and leave a mark in the cultural history of Portugal.

Some of the most characteristic ones are the ceramic arts with the azulejos that cover the main part of monuments and public buildings, the jewelry arts with the filigree work, the basketry work, the embroidery work…

Portugal is also famous for its gastronomy, full of typical sweets, cod dishes, and a lot of tasty culinary preparations… Living in Portugal means participating in typical regional carnivals and events, celebrating the most popular Saints, entering in the wine world that is the Douro, the Dão, the Bairrada… supporting the fishermen of the “arte xávega” (dragnet fishing), true artisanal fishing, or even learning about the artisanal salt or rice culture/crop…

There are many traditions to discover, but not mentioning the Fado or hearing this poetic music would be like forgetting the extremely important cultural heritage that makes the soul of Portugal.



Thematic walk, about flora, fauna, and rice culture/crop with traditional methods… Circuit organised with a professional ornithologist and exchange with rice farmers/producers.


Ceramic workshop with professionals experienced in the making of ceramic pieces, functional or decorative, with traditional methods and with a modern touch.


Walks in nature and wine tourism in the most traditional wine regions of Portugal. A five senses trip through Portuguese wine traditions.


Historical trips through the most emblematic castles and architectural monuments, and through the most famous artisanal and gastronomic traditions of Portugal. Accompanied by our partners.


SóPraSi organizes tailor-made, private, and personalised tours that allow you to discover Portugal exclusively and to meet the men and women that make the country’s richness. In this sense, these trip ideas are some of the many experiences combinations that we can offer, and that can be completely revisited to:
– Reduce the length of some experiences
– Increase the length of others
– Replace activities, hotels, and restaurants with other
– Change the routes, itineraries…

We think it is important to exchange directly with you, to understand your expectations and tastes in the best way. We are available at all times, to organize meetings, whether by phone call or by video call, to elaborate an unforgettable trip, fully personalised according to your tastes, that matches your budget, and created “Só Para Si” (“just for you”)!

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