The receptive travel agency SóPraSi began with the association of two women, eager to show Portugal’s natural, authentic and traditional side. With SóPraSi, come visit Portugal on entirely private and tailor-made tours.

We – Virginia, French-Portuguese, born in Aveiro, and Emeline, French, share the same passion for multicultural human relations and the natural and scenic diversity of our planet.

Throughout our international careers, we had the great chance to encounter men and women passionate and passioned by their arts, to discover fascinating lands, to experience different cultures, to live intense and incredible emotions.

We chose to definitively move from Paris to the region of Aveiro in Portugal, for the kindness and friendliness of its inhabitants, for the omnipresent serenity and tranquility, and for the extraordinary biodiversity of the breathtaking landscapes available for all of those who enjoy stimulating their senses.

We want to offer the opportunity to enjoy and “live” unique and private moments to all our clients during their stay in Portugal. We want them to live every moment intensely and at their rhythm, depending on their desires and passions.

Above all, we want them to live, with us and with our passionate professionals, these moments of exchange and these unique experiences to fully recharge their batteries!

We will organize your stays and experiences with humility and passion, with respect for the people and the nature of Portugal, through sustainable tourism and with another perspective.

We speak English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.

We create your tailor-made stay with passion!


SóPraSi’s Philosophy


We believe that everyone has to share experiences rich in emotions and learning, with all of those who contribute to the country’s preservation and wealth of cultural, natural, and historical heritage.


We believe in the importance of experimenting and living privately the activities in small groups (from 2 to 8 persons), in order to ensure a more rich and personalized participation and exchange


We want to show, with transparency and honesty, the authenticity of the villages, nature, and people that we seek to protect, support, and develop.


We care about valorising all our partners’ work and efforts, who share the same values with professionalism and passion, as well as the natural beauty of Portugal.

Sustainable tourism

We are committed to contributing to the development of a more responsible tourism which can sensitise travellers towards the importance to preserve our planet Earth.


We aspire for every client and partner to live with passion their experiences and arts, just like at SóPraSi. That is why we prepare every stay with great enthusiasm and dedication.

From a largely visited Portugal to a less-known Portugal

There are a lot of places in Portugal that offer a breathtaking landscape diversity, with mountains, forests, rivers, lagoons, valleys, beaches, and many other natural areas, protected by the European Union and UNESCO.
The marvelous richness of its biodiversity makes this country an ideal destination for nature lovers.
The number of cities, villages, and historical monuments, classified as World Heritage, as well as people that still enliven some secular traditions, make Portugal a highly culture interesting country.

Travelling to Portugal with SóPraSi is adopting a new perspective and living a world full of surprises!

Explore the mountains and countryside of Portugal

The topography of continental Portugal is extraordinary for its wide diversity in such a small territory. It is in the North and Centre regions that it is possible to find the largest number of mountains, with the highest point of the country in the “Tower” of the Estrela Mountain (Serra da Estrela), where it frequently snows during Winter. Turbulent waters from the Rivers Mondego, Zêzere, Alva, and tributaries, glide over these mountains separated by several valleys, some covered in ice… Many of these mountains are part of the network “Natura 2000”, of Geoparks that are European classifications, as well as of the Unesco.

Explore the coast of Portugal

The landscapes variety of Portugal is very surprising for the country’s small size. Away from its mountains and valleys, Portugal’s coast spreads for more than 900km, where, between land and sea, countless seaside beaches detach themselves from others for their fine, white sand, pink granite cliffs, dunes, odorous pinewoods, deep blue sea waters…

Cultural heritage and traditions

Understanding the Portuguese culture is learning and experimenting with the amazing variety of traditions and craftsmanship that attempt to survive in this modern world, thanks to the passion and courage of the men and women determined to share their art and leave a mark in the cultural history of Portugal.


The quality we offer is crucial for us, that is why we have high-quality partners, who are perfectly on par with SóPraSi and its values, and our objective is our client’s total satisfaction. We do not sell a product. We sell experiences that we have already lived.
All of this is called love.

That is why your feedback is essential, for us to further improve our offer.


Behaviour quality from SóPraSi’s partners

Whether walking guides, ornithologists, biologists, climbers, photographers, nautical captains, potters, farmers, adventure sports entertainers, artisans… all our tourism partners share with SóPraSi the same love for nature, for their art and work. All of them move with passion with the desire to make our visitors, tourists, live different, intense and memorable moments and experiences.


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