It is a gastronomic, cultural and historical journey that takes us to the heart of the Northeast of Portugal

This escapade was thought and created so that you can rest in the tranquility of Portugal’s interior, while you get to know a little more about Portuguese history, enjoy beautiful landscapes and taste delicious food.

Comfort level: 4 / 5 (Charming Hotel)

Difficulty level: 2 / 5 (Easy to moderate)

Suggested itinerary

(fully customisable in length, experiences, accommodation, …)

Pick up the car and drive to Mirandela


Depending on the time you arrive in Portugal, you may still have time to start getting to know the city of Mirandela.


Mirandela: Mirandela is famous for its tasty alheiras (pork sausages), but there are more attractions besides the great food! It is a city surrounded by nature and some historical heritage.

Here, we travel in time. We are taken back to the earth. People are genuine and talk about their origins, their land, with a lot of passion in their eyes. 


To visit Mirandela is to eat well, see beautiful landscapes and fill your heart with good experiences.


Accommodation in Mirandela

After a night’s rest, we suggest you spend the day getting to know Mirandela and its surroundings.


Village of Jerusalém do Romeu: It’s a small, picturesque village in the middle of nature. It is also known as “Aldeia das Rosas” (the Village of Roses), as there is a large quantity of these flowers in this village. 


Much of the history of Jerusalem do Romeu is due to the Meneres family. This family invested in agriculture and created conditions for the development of the locality, and even today they are still fundamental pillars of this village.


Olive Tree and Olive Oil Museum: Trás-os-Montes is known for the production of olive oil. In Mirandela you can visit the Olive and Olive Oil Museum where you can learn more about this ancient art. The Olive and Olive Oil Museum is housed in the former premises of the Moagem Mirandelense, which is a piece of industrial archaeology, even if modest, which shows the passage of time and history.


Lunch in Mirandela


Enjoy the afternoon exploring the city of Mirandela and its surrounding villages.


Accommodation and dinner in Mirandela

Macedo de Cavaleiros: Macedo de Cavaleiros is a city in the heart of the Nordeste Transmontano. It has a lot of natural richness, but also a lot of historical heritage and tries to preserve as best as it can its traditions.


Visiting Macedo de Cavaleiros, and the entire Trás-os-Montes region, is also an opportunity to get to know the rich and varied gastronomy, with veal and sausages, hunting dishes, mushrooms, dried “casulas” and greens, chestnuts, excellent wine and world-class olive oil. The tradition of knowing how to welcome is enriched by the friendliness of its people.


Quercus Trail: if the weather permits, we recommend the Quercus Trail. This is a low difficulty trail that allows you to get to know the natural heritage of the surroundings of Azibo in Macedo de Cavaleiros.


Museu de Arte Sacra: This museum has a very complete collection, resulting from a vast cultural heritage recovery work in 2004. The collection is from a period of more than five hundred years, from the 14th to the 20th centuries, and gathers examples of sculpture, painting, graphic arts, jewellery and metals.


Also of note is the temporary exhibition room that welcomes different artistic expressions throughout the year.


Casa do Careto: Every year, the “diabolical” Caretos – boys in masked costumes with colourful fringes, pointed-nosed faces made of tin or leather and rattles around their waists – roam the streets making noise and picking on people passing by, especially girls.


It’s guaranteed entertainment. The spirit of togetherness is fabulous!

One of the most typical carnivals in Portugal and not to be missed!


The Casa do Careto is a museum that tells and honours the history of this carnival.


Lunch in Macedo de Cavaleiros


Accommodation and dinner in Mirandela

Vila Flor: Vila Flor is not the original name of this town. King D.Dinis, after visiting this place, was so enchanted by its beauty that he decided to rename it Vila Flor.

Vila Flor has a vast architectural and cultural heritage and is a reference for the excellence of its agricultural products, since it has in its territory one of the most fertile lands of all Transmontana region, Vale da Vilariça. 

We recommend that you let yourself go and get lost in the streets and alleys of this place, and that you go up to the Nossa Senhora da Assunção Belvedere so that you can enjoy a panoramic view, and where you can visit the sanctuary with the same name.


Drª Berta Cabral Municipal Museum: This museum has more than 3000 pieces, gifts from local inhabitants. It consists of collections of paintings, archaeology, ethnography, African handicrafts, sacred art, numismatics and medals.


Lunch in Vila Flor


It is time to return to Porto and go home.

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Points of interest:

Mirandela, Aldeia de Jerusalém do Romeu, Museu da Oliveira e do Azeite, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Museu de Arte Sacra, Casa do Careto…




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