Practical Information

Practical Information

Your safety is our priority.

SóPraSi has been recognized by Tourism Portugal with the Clean & Safe label in order to avoid risks and infections with Covid-19.


As part of this label, SóPraSi commits to:

  • Train and inform its employees on:
    • The Internal Protocol relating to the Covid-19 epidemic,
    • Basic infection prevention and control precautions relating to Covid-19 including hand hygiene procedures, respiratory rule, social behaviour,
    • The respect of the guidelines of the general direction of health concerning the cleaning of surfaces.
  • Provide its customers with information relating to basic precautions for the prevention and control of Covid-19 infection as well as its internal protocol

  • Ensure that its partners comply with internal hygiene and security protocols against Covid-19, namely:
    – Use of the mask for everyone,
    – Hygienic procedure for equipment and premises between each client,
    – Respect for distances when activity permits,
    – The availability of hydro-alcoholic gel for hand hygiene.

The aim of SóPraSi is to offer its customers experiences that are strictly private and reserved only for them and their own group with a maximum of 8 people. SóPraSi thus guarantees the limit of risk contacts with people unknown to its customers.


All SóPraSi partners have taken out “Personal Accident” insurance.
SóPraSi has taken out “Civil Liability” insurance and offers its customers optional travel insurance.


Some activities may require good physical fitness. In this case, a medical certificate of good health will be required.

Tailored discovery programs

SóPraSi organizes tailor-made, private, and personalised tours that allow you to discover Portugal exclusively and to meet the men and women that make the country’s richness. In this sense, on our website, we present examples of discovery programs that represent a low offer in view of the many experiences combinations that we offer, and these examples of programs can be completely revisited to:
–       Reduce the length of some experiences
–       Increase the length of others
–       Replace activities, hotels, and restaurants
–       Change the routes, itineraries…

In addition, the prices indicated are informative prices that can change depending on the number of people, the dates considered for the trip, the category of accommodation chosen, the selected experiences, etc.

Prices and reservations are guaranteed within the time specified in the proposal sent to the customer. Outside this time-limit, any change in price and in availability of the SóPraSi partners must be communicated to the customer for prior approval to the final confirmation of the stay.

Weather Conditions

Most of the proposed experiences are outdoor experiences to enjoy nature.

  • Weather conditions that are not favourable to certain outdoor experiences may occur and we may be faced with an obligation to modify or cancel the experience for the scheduled day.
  • In this case, SóPraSi and its partners will make every effort to propose either a new date or a new experience so that your stay can satisfy you. If we do not find satisfactory alternatives, we will proceed with the reimbursement.

Specific equipment

  • SóPraSi will inform its clients of the recommendations regarding the need for specific equipment (shoes, outfit, backpack, sunglasses, etc.) in order to be able to carry out the selected activities comfortably and safely
  • For photographic walks, there is no requirement to have a specific camera.
  • For all hikes, our guides have pairs of quality binoculars to show and identify the flora and fauna of the Aveiro region.
  • For marine experiences, our partners meet the obligations of providing lifejackets to each of our clients.

All SóPraSi partners comply with their legal licensing, insurance, and equipment obligations to carry out the activities

Points of departure and arrival

For the experiences, the points of departure and arrival of the experiences will be decided by mutual agreement and according to the possibilities and desires of each client SóPraSi.

Practical Information - SóPraSi